Saturday, 5 July 2014

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Oh man. I am freaking right the hell out over this upcoming midterm. I wanted to try to get another chapter section at least started between the previous client and my 6:30 client, but bahahahahah, brain went NOPE. Got a wee bit of code practice in, though, so could be worse.

Gaaah. fjhgslkjfglskjlfhsjfd I do not want to flunk this class, but I am scared that I am going to do precisely that. MATH, Y U NO GET IN MAH BRAINZ.

Would so much rather not be about to start working on someone, but so it goes. I'd say I'd rather be at home right now, but I get practically *no* homework done while I'm there. No idea why. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that trying to work on math stuff on the couch is pretty much the exact opposite of comfortable. Also, Manbeast will often come over to be affectionate and completely disrupt whatever I happen to be doing.

(that irritates me like whoa.)

I'd really like to have a desk. Problem is, our apartment is so small that there really isn't anywhere I could put a desk.
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Guh. I am supposed to be working on the coursework for my summer algebra class. Having pretty well bombed out on the preceding chapter (a 63% test grade is NOT GOOD), I have pretty much zero self-confidence when it comes to pounding this stuff into my brain right now. Rather silly, really, as I'm doing fairly well with the homework for the first chapter section. Quadratic functions, you will FEAR the power of my MIGHTY BRAINMEATS! (...or they would if I'd quit doofing around on here and, y'know, actually go DO the homework. Whatevs.)

Alternatively, I could go scurry off to prep the room for my noon-thirty massage client. That would be a useful thing to do, indeed. ::watches self continue to do nothing particularly useful at all::

Can I just spend the day studying my math stuff and playing around with Ruby instead? Please? Because that would be fantastic, thanks. It'd be great if I could find some way to get paid to do math homework and learn Ruby, rather than have to do massages for a living. I really did pick the wrong field in which to work whilst earning a degree; I do not like people, and I do not like touching them.

It could be worse, though; I like my boss, and I like my coworkers, and we have a really nice office. Our clients are (for the most part) kind, reasonable, polite, and easy to work with. There's a minimum of drama, which is a pleasant change from prior places of employment. I do get a fair bit of time during the work day to naff about on Teh Intarbuttz and do homework.

I only have to stick this out for another year or two, and then I'll have become proficient enough with Ruby on Rails to apply for that Fancy Shiny Apprenticeship program. ::makes SUPAH!determined face:: I can totally do this.


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